Iceland missing

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Iceland missing

Posted by Anonymous at November 15. 2016
I'm looking at an old Excel document with data on Connectivity, aggregate scores with 2015 figures, which was extracted on sep. 15 2015. This dataset contains an observation for Iceland. But Iceland is not included now when i extract data on 2014, 2015 or 2016. Why is Iceland not included anymore?

This comment is related to chart 1 Connectivity, by Aggregate scores

Re: Iceland missing

Posted by abruzzini at November 16. 2016

Dear anonymous user,

Unfortunately, we have very limited data on Iceland, so the calculation of the index would only be possible by estimating many missing values.Due to this, we decided to remove Iceland from the DESI.

You can find Iceland, however, in our International DESI report

And also information on all available single indicators on the "Key indicators dataset":

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