Error in Belgium dada

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Error in Belgium dada

Posted by Anonymous at March 31. 2016
The dimension "Connectivity" for Belgium is incorrectly weighted and it surpasses the maximum score of 33 (is 33,7). The mistakes comes from the indicator •"Subscriptions to fast BB" that should be normalised between 0 and 1 but gives a score of 1,03.

This comment is related to chart 1c2 Subscriptions to Fast BB, by Aggregate scores

Re: Error in Belgium dada

Posted by Anonymous at March 31. 2016
Thank you for your comment. This is in fact not a mistake but a feature of the DESI. It is possible that some countries have scores above 1 because, in the DESI, indicator values are normalised using the min-max method with fixed limits. In the particular case of the "Subscriptions to fast BB" indicator, the maximum used for normalisation was 75%, and BE went above that value in DESI 2016 (77.6%), so their score is above 1. This is a foreseen situation as explained in section 3.3 of the DESI methodological note (;_id=8846): "Due to the choice of normalisation minima and maxima that are fixed over time, the values of one or another indicator may surpass the indicator’s normalisation maximum or fall below its minimum in the future. The score for such values will become, respectively, higher than 1 or lower than 0. While this fact does not present a major methodological concern, the choice of minima and maxima was performed carefully taking into account the likely evolution of each indicator and the balance between indicators, so as to try to minimise the occurrence of such events."
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