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Range of the DESI index

Posted by Anonymous at June 04. 2020
What is the range of the DESI index? Is it 0 to 100? Further is the total score normalized?

Re: Range of the DESI index

Posted by Natalia JERZAK at June 04. 2020


I advise taking a look at the methodological manual, which describes the data, indicators and normalisation process. 

The scores are calculated between 0-100. We will look into better ways of displaying it online.  

Many thanks, 


Re: Range of the DESI index

Posted by Natalia JERZAK at August 13. 2020

The new message is: How is the mobile broadband take-up score calculated, please? (Question, as, e.g., Poland has a take-up of 170+% which seems to dominate the connectivity dimension.)

Reply: Thank you so much for posting the question. I would recommend looking at the methodological note. In this indicator, we look at Mobile Broadband penetration which is defined as the number of active mobile broadband SIM cards (subscriptions) per 100 people and we can have more active subscription per citizen. It is, however, only one of the eight indicators on Connectivity, so it has a limited impact (as all other indicators) on the Connectivity ranking.

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