1c2 Mobile BB take-up

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1c2 Mobile BB take-up

Posted by Anonymous at June 16. 2020
Hello, How can EU average for 1c2 Mobile BB take-up be 100.2 https://digital-agenda-data.eu/charts/desi-see-the-evolution-of-two-indicators-and-compare-countries#chart={%22indicator%22:%22desi_1c2_mbbtu%22,%22breakdown%22:%22total_fbb%22,%22unit-measure%22:%22subs_per_100_pop%22,%22ref-area%22:[%22EU%22,%22EL%22]}

Re: 1c2 Mobile BB take-up

Posted by Natalia JERZAK at June 16. 2020


Yes, this situation happens and is common in some Member States. The value can be above 100. It is because people can have more than one mobile SIM card.


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