Italy - 2b1 ICT Specialists

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Italy - 2b1 ICT Specialists

Posted by Anonymous at July 06. 2020
Why in the country report of Italy the value of the 2b1 ICT Specialists is 2.8% (year 2018) but in the table downlodable from the list of indicators ( the value for the Employed ICT specialists (% of total employed population) is 3.5% in the same year? The link for the data table is:;=TIME,C,X,0;UNIT,L,X,1;GEO,L,Y,0;INDICATORS,C,Z,0;&zSelection;=DS-591607INDICATORS,OBS_FLAG;DS-591607TIME,2014;&rankName1;=INDICATORS_1_2_-1_2&rankName2;=TIME_1_0_0_0&rankName3;=UNIT_1_2_1_0&rankName4;=GEO_1_2_0_1&sortC;=ASC_-1_FIRST&rStp;=&cStp;=&rDCh;=&cDCh;=&rDM;=true&cDM;=true&footnes;=false∅=false&wai;=false&time;_mode=NONE&time;_most_recent=false〈=EN&cfo;=%23%23%23%2C%23%23%23.%23%23%23 Here the Italy country report, page 7: Here the evolution of the 2b1 ICT Specialists indicator:{%22indicator%22:%22desi_2b1_ictspec%22,%22breakdown-group%22:%22total%22,%22unit-measure%22:%22pc_ind_emp%22,%22ref-area%22:%22IT%22} Thank you so much. Best regards, Andrea

Re: Italy - 2b1 ICT Specialists

Posted by Natalia JERZAK at July 07. 2020

Dear Andrea, 

Yes, Eurostat had updated the data for IT for 2017 and 2018 recently. This update will be taken into account for the next DESI report.

This is our general practice with similar data updates as we take a cut-off point for the publication and the data we used was downloaded at the end of January. 

Please see attached what was downloaded from ESTAT at the end-Jan.

This is explained in the methodology note, section 3.2

3.2 Data updates and corrections

Updates and corrections are part of the lifecycle and nature of statistical data. It is typical that the values for one indicator suffer small amendments and only stabilise completely months or even years after the indicator was originally computed. This is the case with a significant number of indicators used in the construction of the DESI. At each publication, historical data are also reviewed to accommodate such changes. It is to be noted that the current report takes account of changes notified to the European Commission before 1 February 2020, except for the indicators 5G readiness, Broadband price index, 4G coverage, Fast broadband coverage (NGA) and Very High Capacity Network (VHCN) coverage, where data collection and validation were completed in April 2020. Any modification made after this date will be included in the next report, which is expected in 2021

Many thanks, 


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