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This page enables you to browse the Digital Agenda Scoreboard codelists (i.e. indicators, breakdowns, etc) available in the system.
The below dropdown lists the codelists the system knows about. Selecting one will list all the available codes in the selected codelist.
Selecting one, and clicking "Codelist metadata" will go to the factsheet about the metadata of the selected codelist.

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Notation Label
10_c10_12 Beverages, food and tobacco products
10_c10_18 Manufacture: food, beverages, tobacco, textile, leather, wood, paper; publishing and printing 10+
10_c10_33 Manufacturing sector
10_c10_s951_xk All enterprises, without financial sector (10 persons employed or more)
10_c13_15 Textiles, wearing apparel, leather and related products
10_c16_18 Wood & cork, Paper, printing & reproduction of recorded media
10_c19_23 Manufacture: coke, petroleum, chemical, plastics, other non-metallic mineral products 10+
10_c24_25 Manufacture: basic metals & fabricated metal products excluding machines & equipments 10+
10_c26 Computer, electronic and optical products
10_c26_33 Manufacture: computers, electric & optical, motor vehicles, transport equipment, furniture, repair 10+
10_c27_28 Electrical equipment, machinery and equipment n.e.c.
10_c29_30 Motor vehicles, trailers, other transport equipment
10_c31_33 Furniture; repair and installation of machinery
10_d35_e39 Electricity, gas, steam, air conditioning; water supply, sewerage, waste management&remediation 10+
10_f41_43 Construction 10+
10_g45 Trade of motor vehicles and motorcycles 10+
10_g46 Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles 10+
10_g47 Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles 10+
10_h49_53 Transport and storage 10+
10_i55_56 Accommodation and food service activities 10+