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This page enables you to browse the Digital Agenda Scoreboard codelists (i.e. indicators, breakdowns, etc) available in the system.
The below dropdown lists the codelists the system knows about. Selecting one will list all the available codes in the selected codelist.
Selecting one, and clicking "Codelist metadata" will go to the factsheet about the metadata of the selected codelist.

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Notation Label
bynacenat NACE NAT
byorganizationclass Type of organization
byregion Objective1-Convergence regions
byrisk Disadvantage factors
byskills Computer skills
bytypeproduct Type of products
childrenhh Household with or without children
cnect_directorates DG CONNECT Directorates
desi Main Dimensions of the DESI
desi_1_conn Sub-dimensions of 1 Connectivity
desi_1a_fbbtc Indicators under 1a Fixed broadband take-up
desi_1b_fbbc Indicators under 1b Fixed broadband coverage
desi_1c_mbb Indicators under 1c Mobile broadband
desi_1d_bbpi Indicators under 1d Broadband price index
desi_2_hc Sub-dimensions of 2 Human Capital
desi_2a_bsu Indicators under 2a Internet User Skills
desi_2b_asd Indicators under 2b Advanced Skills and Development
desi_3_ui Sub-dimensions of 3 Use of Internet Services
desi_3a_ui Indicators under 3a Internet use
desi_3b_acton Indicators under 3b Activities online