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This page enables you to browse the Digital Agenda Scoreboard codelists (i.e. indicators, breakdowns, etc) available in the system.
The below dropdown lists the codelists the system knows about. Selecting one will list all the available codes in the selected codelist.
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Notation Label
ACP African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, signatories of the Partnership Agreement
ACP_AFR African ACP states
ACP_CRB Caribbean ACP states
ACP_PAC Pacific ACP states
AD Andorra
AE United Arab Emirates
AF Afghanistan
AFDB African Development Bank
AFR Africa
AFR_C Central Africa
AFR_C_OTH Other Central African countries
AFR_C_S Central and South Africa
AFR_E Eastern Africa
AFR_E_OTH Other Eastern African countries
AFR_N Northern Africa
AFR_N_OTH Other Northern African countries
AFR_OTH Other African countries (aggregate changing according to the context)
AFR_S Southern Africa
AFR_S_OTH Other Southern African countries
AFR_W Western Africa