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This page enables you to browse the Digital Agenda Scoreboard codelists (i.e. indicators, breakdowns, etc) available in the system.
The below dropdown lists the codelists the system knows about. Selecting one will list all the available codes in the selected codelist.
Selecting one, and clicking "Codelist metadata" will go to the factsheet about the metadata of the selected codelist.

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Notation Label
nr_x10mil_ecfund Number per 10 Million EURO of EC funding
pc_male_earning Percentage of average gross hourly earnings of men
pc_dispo_income Percentage of disposable income
pc_fp7ict_ec_funding Percentage of EC funding
pc_h2020_ec_funding Percentage of EC funding
pc_emp_pmd Percentage of employees working in enterprises which provide mobile devices
pc_ent Percentage of enterprises
pc_edigint2015 Percentage of enterprises (all sectors)
pc_e_cc percentage of enterprises purchasing Cloud Computing services
pc_ent_aesell Percentage of enterprises receiving e-commerce orders over the last calendar year
pc_ent_itsprcr2 Percentage of enterprises which recruited/tried to recruit personnel for jobs requiring ICT specialist skills
pc_ent_awsell Percentage of enterprises with web sales
pc_trp_commit Percentage of EU R&I committed funding
pc_ind_fem_emp Percentage of females employment
pc_bb_lines Percentage of fixed broadband subscriptions
pc_lines Percentage of fixed broadband subscriptions
pc_gp Percentage of general practitioners
pc_grad Percentage of graduates
pc_grants Percentage of grants
pc_spectrum_assigned Percentage of harmonized spectrum assigned