Browse Scoreboard codelists

This page enables you to browse the Digital Agenda Scoreboard codelists (i.e. indicators, breakdowns, etc) available in the system.
The below dropdown lists the codelists the system knows about. Selecting one will list all the available codes in the selected codelist.
Selecting one, and clicking "Codelist metadata" will go to the factsheet about the metadata of the selected codelist.

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Notation Label
digital_post Digital_Post
ds_a_basic level: Above Basic
ds_b_basic level: Low
ds_basic level: Basic
ds_no No digital skills
dsk_ab level: Above Basic
dsk_b level: Basic
dsk_x level: none
e_cc_hi High sophistication
e_cc_lo Low sophistication
e_cc_me Medium sophistication
e_di_hi High (7-9)
e_di_lo Low (4-6)
e_di_vhi Very High (10-12)
e_di_vlo Very Low (0-3)
e_gov_1a_ucg_oa 1a User Centric Government - Online availability
e_gov_1b_ucg_us 1b User Centric Government - Usability
e_gov_1c_ucg_mf 1c User Centric Government - Mobile Friendliness
e_gov_1d_ucg_eu 1d User Centric Government - Ease of Use
e_gov_1e_ucg_su 1e User Centric Government - Speed of Use