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desi Digital Economy and Society Index
desi_1_conn 1 Connectivity
desi_1a1_fbbtc 1a1 Overall fixed BB take-up
desi_1a2_ufbbtu 1a2 At least 100 Mbps fixed BB take-up
desi_1a_fbbtc 1a Fixed broadband take-up
desi_1b1_fbbc 1b1 Fast BB (NGA) coverage
desi_1b2_vhcnc 1b2 Fixed Very High Capacity Network (VHCN) coverage
desi_1b_fbbc 1b Fixed broadband coverage
desi_1c1_4g 1c1 4G coverage
desi_1c2_mbbtu 1c2 Mobile BB take-up
desi_1c3_5g 1c3 5G readiness
desi_1c_mbb 1c Mobile broadband
desi_1d1_bbpi 1d1 Broadband price index
desi_1d_bbpi 1d Broadband price index
desi_2_hc 2 Human Capital
desi_2a1_bds 2a1 At least Basic Digital Skills
desi_2a2_abds 2a2 Above basic digital skills
desi_2a3_abss 2a3 At least basic software skills
desi_2a_bsu 2a Internet User Skills
desi_2b1_ictspec 2b1 ICT Specialists