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abstract Definition.   ADMS is a profile of DCAT, used to describe semantic assets (or just 'Assets'), defined as highly reusable metadata (e.g. xml schemata, generic data models) and reference data (e.g. code lists, taxonomies, dictionaries, vocabularies) that are used for eGovernment system development.
comment Definition.   This file specifies the set of RDF classes and properties used in ADMS
creator Definition. Browse 3 values nodeID://b23899
describedby Definition.
description Definition.   This is the RDF encoding of the Asset Description Metadata Schema, originally developed under the European Union's ISA Programme and further developed by the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group. It re-uses terms from several other vocabularies, notably Dublin Core, with elements of SKOS, FOAF and more.
label Definition.   Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS)
maker Definition.   nodeID://b23960
modified Definition. Browse 4 values 2013-05-24+03:00
preferredNamespacePrefix Definition.   adms
preferredNamespaceUri Definition.
specializes Definition.
title Definition.   Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS)
type Definition. Browse 2 values Ontology
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