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byteSize Definition.   13132
contentLastModified Definition.   2012-07-25T16:56:08+03:00
contributor Definition. Browse 2 values Jaanus Heinlaid
creator Definition. Browse 2 values Søren Roug
description Definition.   This schema is used by the content registry to help with its business logic.
firstSeen Definition.   2013-04-29T12:53:25+03:00
harvestedStatements Definition.   161
lastRefreshed Definition.   2013-04-29T12:53:35+03:00
mediaType Definition.   application/rdf+xml
title Definition.   Schema for Content Registry housekeeping
type Definition.   Ontology
versionInfo Definition.   $Id: contreg.rdf 12365 2012-07-23 12:06:32Z roug $
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