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altLabel Definition.   Publications from FP7 ICT projects
definition Definition.   Publications reported through annual surveys of ongoing ICT research projects carried out by the European Commission - DG CONNECT. Outputs reported by participants have been validated in Elsevier’s Scopus databases by UNU-MERIT – Maastricht University under the service contract SMART 2011/0039 funded by the European Commission - DG CONNECT. * It includes articles in journals and trade journals, conference proceedings, books, book series
membership Definition.   research-and-development
notation Definition.   fp7_ict_pub
note Definition.   It covers FP7 ICT projects started before October 2013. The indicator is not expected to evolve regularly year by year, due to the coverage of thematic areas by calls which may differ from one year to another. Annual figures should therefore be interpreted with caution.
prefLabel Definition.   Publications resulting from FP7 funded projects in ICT
source Definition.   Analysis of publications and patents of ICT research in FP7
topConceptOf Definition.   Code list for indicators used by Digital Agenda Scoreboard
type Definition. Browse 2 values Concept
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