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comment Definition. Browse 2 values This ontology partially describes the built-in classes and properties that together form the basis of the RDF/XML syntax of OWL 2. The content of this ontology is based on Tables 6.1 and 6.2 in Section 6.4 of the OWL 2 RDF-Based Semantics specification, available at Please note that those tables do not include the different annotations (labels, comments and rdfs:isDefinedBy links) used in this file. Also note that the descriptions provided in this ontology do not provide a complete and correct formal description of either the syntax or the semantics of the introduced terms (please see the OWL 2 recommendations for the complete and normative specifications). Furthermore, the information provided by this ontology may be [...]
contentLastModified Definition.   2009-11-15T12:54:12+03:00
firstSeen Definition.   2013-04-30T11:10:26+03:00
harvestedStatements Definition.   450
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lastRefreshed Definition.   2013-04-30T11:10:46+03:00
mediaType Definition.   text/turtle; charset=utf-8
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title Definition.   The OWL 2 Schema vocabulary (OWL 2)
type Definition.   Ontology
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versionInfo Definition. Browse 2 values $Date: 2009/11/15 10:54:12 $
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