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byteSize Definition. Browse 2 values 28335
createdBy Definition.   nodeID://b40975
creator Definition.   nodeID://b40968
dateCopyrighted Definition.   2011-09-09Z
firstSeen Definition. Browse 2 values 2018-01-16T20:10:01+02:00
harvestedStatements Definition.   368
hasFormat Definition. Browse 5 values JSON document about: Gregorian Year:2015 en
label Definition.   Generic Dataset document about: Gregorian Year:2015 en
lastRefreshed Definition. Browse 2 values 2018-11-22T10:41:53+02:00
license Definition.
mediaType Definition.   application/rdf+xml
primaryTopic Definition.   Year:2015
publisher Definition.   nodeID://b40967
rightsHolder Definition.   nodeID://b40967
type Definition. Browse 2 values Document
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