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altLabel Definition.   2012-Q1
comment Definition. Browse 2 values The first quarter of the Gregorian calendar year 2012
firstSeen Definition.   2015-07-24T14:24:34+03:00
hasBeginning Definition.   Instant:2012-01-01T00:00:00
hasDurationDescription Definition.   1 quarter of a year
hasEnd Definition.   Instant:2012-04-01T00:00:00
hasXsdDurationDescription Definition.   3
intervalContains Definition. Browse 3 values Feb 2012
intervalContainsMonth Definition. Browse 3 values Feb 2012
intervalContainsMonths Definition. Browse 2 values
intervalDuring Definition. Browse 2 values Half:2012-H1
intervalEquals Definition.   Interval:2012-01-01T00:00:00/P3M
intervalMeets Definition.   Quarter:2012-Q2
intervalMetBy Definition.   Quarter:2011-Q4
isPrimaryTopicOf Definition.   Generic Dataset document about: Gregorian Quarter:2012-Q1
label Definition.   Quarter:2012-Q1
lastRefreshed Definition.   2015-10-13T11:41:52+03:00
max Definition.   2012-03-31+02:00
min Definition.   2012-01-01+02:00
nextInterval Definition.   Quarter:2012-Q2
notation Definition.   2012-Q1
ordinalHalfOfYear Definition.   1
ordinalQuarterOfYear Definition.   1
ordinalYear Definition.   2012
prefLabel Definition.   Quarter:2012-Q1
previousInterval Definition.   Quarter:2011-Q4
redirectedTo Definition.   Generic Dataset document about: Gregorian Quarter:2012-Q1
type Definition. Browse 5 values Calendar Quarter
uriSet Definition.   calendar aligned one quarter year intervals.
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