SPARQL endpoint

SPARQL Functions

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On this page you can execute various SPARQL queries against the backend that CR is running on. For a more convenient use, you can insert common namespace prefixs into your query by selecting "Useful namespaces" in the Operations menu and clicking the namespaces in the opening pop-up window. The Operations menu also provides a list of shared bookmarked queries which you can select to pre-fill your query.

The output format of the query depends on the one you select from the above select box. In order to make the query use inference rules, turn on the relevant checkbox. A link to common useful SPARQL functions is also available below the Operations menu.

Bookmarked SPARQL queries

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Shared bookmarked SPARQL queries

No bookmarked queries found.

Bookmarked SPARQL queries in project folders

No bookmarked queries found.
  • PREFIX rdf: <>
  • PREFIX rdfs: <>
  • PREFIX xsd: <>
  • PREFIX owl: <>
  • PREFIX dc: <>
  • PREFIX dcterms: <>
  • PREFIX foaf: <>
  • PREFIX skos: <>
  • PREFIX cube: <>
  • PREFIX dad-prop: <>
  • PREFIX dad-class: <>
  • PREFIX dad-codelist: <>
  • PREFIX rad: <>
  • PREFIX adms: <>
  • PREFIX estat-dic: <>
  • PREFIX smdx: <>
  • PREFIX smdx-attribute: <>
  • PREFIX smdx-measure: <>
  • PREFIX smdx-dimension: <>
  • PREFIX smdx-code: <>
  • PREFIX smdx-concept: <>