This page presents some reports and notes about the technical characteristics of the project developing the present visualisation tool and semantic repository. The project is supported by contract SMART 2015/1086 (in continuation of SMART 2012/0103) executed by Eau de Web in partnership with Triple Dev.

Title Description Last modified
Technical report Periodic technical report describing the architecture of the website and its interactive functionalities. This technical report was last updated in December 2018 2020-03-31
Deployment Manual Deployment manual detailing the complete process that would allow a third party to replicate the entire content and functionalities of the website in a new suitable environment 2018-12-27
How to prepare datasets How to prepare datasets for upload on the Digital-agenda-data repository & visualisation tool 2016-04-20
Observations template Empty spreadsheet to be used when uploading new observations 2014-01-17
Metadata Template Empty spreadsheet to be used for metadata upload 2014-01-17
Metadata Definition Spreadsheet with dataset and code list metadata explanations 2014-01-17
Tutorial on the use of charts This 6 minutes screencast video explains how to easy generate the different type of charts you could be interested in, how to explore a dataset through charts and how to export them as pictures or data tables 2013-12-02
Dataset Upload Manual The purpose of this document is to detail the process and provide a user guide for uploading the Scoreboard's data and metadata into Content Registry. The document is to serve as a manual for the users who will upload, manage and inspect the data and metadata in Scoreboard's data portal. 2013-09-30